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Wine and champagne

In addition to water, another attraction of Lake Balaton is wine. There are many excellent wineries in the area, with which we cooperate closely. Among the best, we mainly established a relationship with those who are close to us and thus easily accessible. Most of them offer champagne in addition to wine, which makes the program really special. Accordingly, we recommend the tastings of the following wineries to the attention of our dear guests.

As wine and champagne lovers, we have already tasted them all, and it is impossible to rank them. We can only advise one thing: if you can, taste them all, relax with us, and take the experiences home with you! :)

Konyári Balatonlelle Kishegy

The best-known and most respected winery in South Balaton. We appreciate that special attention is paid to environmental protection during production. They offer the best wines, and they are also within cycling distance from us. If you only have options for one wine tasting, we recommend that you choose them!

More information on their website.

Légli Balatonboglár

The winery, founded in 1989, makes its high-quality products based on white varieties in unique areas. Their goal is to make unique and recognizable wines that are able to present the specialty inherent in the Balatonboglár growing areas and show respect for local ecological and human values. If you ask us, it is completely successful, which is of the utmost importance to us. And let's not even talk about their champagne, we can only repeat the founder: "It's hard for me to talk about it without bias!"

Wine tasting with prior registration on +36305508717.

More information on their website.

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