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Information for Guests

When we was creating our apartment house, our goal was to make our guests feel at home from the first moment. To this end, we will do our best, in return we only ask that you use the accommodation with care, as if you were at home. So you will find it in the same beautiful condition on your next visit.

1. The owner's representative is present on request at the specified arrival and departure times.


2. If you did not use the online check-in option, please hand over your identity card and address card upon arrival to fulfill our obligation to provide data required by law.


3. The tourist tax is not included in the accommodation fee and must be paid separately. It is HUF 500/person/night.


4. You can take over the reserved apartments from 15:00 on the day of arrival. Both the stairwell door and the apartment door can be opened with the code sent in advance in the email. Please leave the apartments by 10 am on the day of departure. Other options can be flexibly arranged based on prior consultation and at an additional cost, as long as it does not conflict with the arrival or departure of another guest. If you end your stay earlier than planned for any reason, we will not be able to refund you.


5. The apartment can only be used by the pre-arranged number of people.


6. We love pets, but they are not allowed in the apartments in order to preserve the condition.

7. Netflix can be used for free and is started with the dedicated button on the TV remote control.


8. You can set the temperature of the apartment with the remote control on the table or the thermostat on the wall in the range of 20-24 degrees Celsius, which controls the climate. The air conditioner does not work when the terrace door is open.

9. When you are not staying in the apartment, please close the doors and windows. In order to protect our environment, we also recommend turning off the air conditioning in this case.

10. It is forbidden to take the equipment of the apartment out of the apartment. It is forbidden to bring equipment placed on the terrace into the apartment.

11. You can use the safe located in the closet as follows: after closing the safe door, enter your own 4-6 digit code and press the L button. After that, you can open the safe by entering the set code. Please leave the safe door open when you leave.

12. We are not responsible for valuables left in the apartment. Not even for the values left in the safe.

13. The kitchen is fully equipped, please take care of the equipment while in use. Please use the table for meals, it is forbidden to eat on the sofa and in the bedroom. It is forbidden to put metal containers in the microwave oven.

14. In order to protect our environment, we collect trash selectively in the trash cans in the kitchen. When it's full, you can found a new garbage bag in the top drawer. You can dispose of the full garbage bag in the bins located next to the street parking lot.

15. You can park in the street front parking lot and on the other side of the road, without obstructing each other or the traffic.

16. The accommodation fee includes utility bills and other overhead costs, bed linen with covers, towels, cosmetics, unlimited tea and coffee, and final cleaning.

17. All our bed linen and pillows are anti-allergenic. We can provide an extra blanket on request.

18. For stays longer than one week, cleaning is provided once a week with a change of bed linen and towels.

19. Please take care of order and cleanliness, leave the apartment as you would

would like to see you upon arrival. On the day of departure, please do not leave unwashed dishes or garbage that has not been taken out.

20. Everyone can use the terrace only at their own risk. It is forbidden to sit on the railing on the terrace, lean on it, or subject it to hard physical impact.

21. The jacuzzi is available to guests throughout the year, but exclusively for Penthouse guests. Everyone can use the jacuzzi only at their own risk.


You may only enter and exit the pool via the steps provided in the jacuzzi. It is forbidden to jump into the pool! Children under the age of 6 cannot use the jacuzzi. Furthermore, children under the age of 14 who cannot swim can only use the jacuzzi under adult supervision. In order to protect the health and physical integrity of the persons using the jacuzzi services, the pool may not be used by persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating drugs.

In the jacuzzi, max. 6 people can stay. If the jacuzzi is not in use, always put the safety thermo cover back.

The use of swimwear is mandatory for both adults and children. Showering is mandatory before using the jacuzzi, thus preventing foaming and contamination of the water. We provide a separate bath towel for the use of the jacuzzi. The area next to the jacuzzi can be slippery due to the water, please pay attention to this, the use of slippers is mandatory for your own safety.

The following are prohibited in the jacuzzi:

- use soap and other cosmetic products,

- to consume food and drink,

- to introduce any pollutants,

- smoking.

It is FORBIDDEN to use the jacuzzi in windy and rainy weather!

22. We are not responsible for possible material damages or accidents resulting from improper use.

23. Our Guests are financially responsible for damage caused by improper use, the damage must be compensated directly.

24. In order to avoid fire incidents, please refrain from using your own electrical appliances (e.g. coffee maker, immersion kettle, iron, etc.) in the room. We installed fire alarm equipment and powder extinguishers in the building. The rooms have smoke detectors. In case of fire, our guests are warned by a siren. In such a case, please leave the building immediately according to the escape route posted in the rooms and call the fire department at 112, then us.

Please always turn off the electrical equipment when leaving the room.

25. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the house, this also applies to electronic cigarettes and IQOS. You can only smoke in the designated smoking area, because of the many trees, you can only do so with special care. It is forbidden to throw articles away.

26. If any problems arise during your stay in the apartment, report them immediately. We cannot accept subsequent complaints.

27. Violation of the contents of the Guest Information may result in ban, theft or damage of objects may result in other measures.


We are available for any questions or problems. Phone number available 24 hours a day: István Moldvay +36 70 658 3772.


Thank you for your cooperation, we wish you a pleasant rest!

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