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West Beach Balatonföldvár is characterized by a grassy, shady, slowly deepening coastline with many different types of catering units.


Sphere lookout Balatonboglár 

The Gömbkilátó is one of the symbols of Balatonboglár in Somogy county. The building of volcanic origin, measuring about 60 meters high from the level of Lake Balaton, stands on Várdomb and has a 15-meter diameter view towards the lake.


Zamárdi Adventure Park 

The Zamárdi Adventure Park is located in a beautiful grove of thirty-five thousand square meters, about one hundred meters from the motorway and the Zamárdi Upper railway station, and offers almost endless opportunities for active leisure time.


Balatonboglár Adventure Park Bobsled track 

The park has a bobsled, ropeway, climbing wall, beer compartment packing, wire rope sliding, archery, zorb and a playground.


Balatonföldvár Port 

The largest port on the southern shore accommodates 360 boats.

Balatonföldvár e-Port

The construction of the new harbor capable of accommodating 175 ships is currently underway, the investment will be completed by December 2023 next to the West Beach.​​

The Lady of Carmel Chapel is the oldest chapel on the south coast, located in an oak grove in the upper part of the former Celtic town. It can also be a pleasant destination for those who want a romantic walk.

Balatonföldvár Lookout and Nautical History Museum

The 70-meter high visitor center of Balatonföldvár presents the sailing and sailing of Lake Balaton with field tables, film screenings and simulators in an interactive exhibition, and from the top of the tower there is a wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton.


Celtic Trail 

6.5-km-long hiking trail with ten stations designed to present the local history, flora and fauna of Celtic trail Balatonföldvár. It can be reached on foot in about 3 hours. Route: Széchenyi Imre Primary School – Fish pond – Temple park – Eastern beach – Galambsziget – Kvassay promenade – High beach – Petőfi Sándor street


Kvassay Promenade

1200 m long plateaued promenade along the coast. 


Bicycle Point West Beach 

If you don't have a bicycle, you can rent one next to West Beach and cycle around Lake Balaton. You can also choose an electric version, with which you can easily ride uphill.


Pub-Lik Bistro Balatonföldvár 

Kilátó Presszó Balatonföldvár

Tihany Market Placc 

Tihany Valley Bridge Kitchen and Rét Kőröshegy 

Echo Restaurant Tihany 

Picitmás Restaurant Balatonszőlős

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